Outstanding Debt (2017)


Total Revenue (2018)


    Debt to Income Ratio 2017 57% 57% Unemployment Rate 2017 3.7% 3.8% Poverty Rate 2017 34.7% 34.7% Homeowner Rate 2017 31.2% $19,770 Per Capita Income 2017 57% 57%


Population (2019)


Total Expenses (2018)

Population 20,977 (2018 estimated certified WA OFM) Ellensburg lies at the heart of central Washington – 110 miles east of Seattle and 170 miles west of Spokane. Two interstate highways and various state highways provide access, in, out, and through the area into the Cascades to the west and the farmland to the east. The city’s footprint is approximately 7.6 square miles, with another 7.1 square miles in the Urban Growth Area (UGA) to accommodate for future growth. Ellensburg’s natural environment, rich history, and community characteristics all contribute to make this town unique.

Based on the GFOA best practices for website posting of financial documents and the MSRB recommendation for Financial Transparency, this profile for the City of Ellensburg was created by Bond Intelligence, Inc. from publicly available information to promote standardization and transparency across municipalities. All financial disclosures you need to know about this municipality are all found in one location.

Welcome to the City of Ellensburg, Washington. The profile on the Open Data platform includes financial information managed by the Finance department currently available on their website as a public disclosure. The office of finance provides oversight of the city’s finance and debt management function including funding the capital improvement needs of the city through the responsible issuance of municipal debt, determines and approves structures, allots terms and conditions for all city debt, maintains records of bonded indebtedness and the city’s liquidity portfolio, and ensures payment of debt.

Contact Information: (509) 962 7201 | | 501 N. Anderson St. | Ellensburg, WA 98926